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REC Awards 2022: Best Recruitment Company to Work For

This year's REC Awards shortlist has been revealed, and we're thrilled to announce that Hyper Recruitment Solutions has been shortlisted for four different prizes!

In this blog, our Managing Director, Ricky Martin, will be discussing how it feels for the company to be put forward for the Best Recruitment Company to Work For award. 

How does it feel to have been nominated? 

Recruitment is a highly competitive industry and one which is evolving at a speed I have never experienced before, so to be shortlisted for “Best Recruitment Company to Work For” is a real honour. Not only are we living in a post-Brexit and post-pandemic world, but the economy is changing at pace. The drivers within a workforce are evolving. This means we have had to keep sharp and continually challenge what we do, how we do it, and who we represent in the marketplace we support. This is something I know the judges have been looking for this year.

How much would it mean to win this award?

Winning this award would be a huge thing for HRS and I am very proud of the business we are today, which is one that wants to change lives, but most importantly I am proud of the people who are in the company. Recently we celebrated our 10th anniversary, so to win this award as we enter our second decade of changing lives would be a brilliant testimony to all. We are a demonstration of when a company stands for something they believe in, and everybody becomes a part of that, making everything possible.

Win, lose or draw - we are proud of the shortlist. I am extremely excited and cannot wait to celebrate an evening which focused on recruitment excellence and helping our country navigate it’s way via employability in what is an unpredictable economy.

About the REC Awards

The REC Awards is an annual event honouring the best and brightest in the UK recruitment industry.

This year's award ceremony will take place at London's Royal Lancaster hotel on Thursday 24th November. Be sure to check the HRS blog regularly over the coming weeks as we profile each of our nominated team members!

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