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REC Awards 2022 Nominees: Georgia Walden

REC Awards Nominee: Georgia Walden from Hyper Recruitment Solutions

This year's REC Awards shortlist has been revealed, and we're thrilled to announce that Hyper Recruitment Solutions has been shortlisted for four different prizes!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be chatting to each nominee so that you can get to know our life-changing recruiters a little better. The first of our nominees, Georgia Walden, is the Team Leader of our Biologics team and has been with HRS since 2016. A previous winner of the Permanent Recruiter of the Year prize in 2019, Georgia continually shows her dedication to HRS and changing lives in the life sciences industry. She's one of three HRS team members in the running for this year's Permanent Recruiter of the Year award.

How does it feel to have been nominated?

I am so pleased to have been nominated for Permanent Consultant of the Year, knowing that there are so many great recruiters out there who deserve this award. I am especially proud as the REC Awards cover many industries, not just those in the Life Sciences sector - so I am even more proud to be recognised!


What is it you like about recruitment? What drives you to do your job?

The best thing about recruitment is the opportunity not only to help a fantastic drug development company find the perfect scientist to help develop their therapeutic offering, but also to help someone find their dream job in a career where they can truly change and save lives!

I love listening to the desires of my candidates and do my best to identify the perfect fit for them, whether it be an increased salary, more hybrid working or a complete change of career direction. The fact that my role is so varied makes every day a new and exciting challenge, so I am never bored and constantly put into new situations where I need to think on my feet.


How great is it to have been nominated alongside your colleagues?

I am so excited to be nominated alongside both Christina and Eve, two amazing and deserving nominees. I have had the pleasure of working with Eve since I started at HRS - she was the first person to train me in the ways of recruitment and I have looked up to her ever since. She is also a fantastic role model for all women in recruitment, showing us that you can still overperform in this role and get promoted while also having a young family!

I am also so pleased that Christina has again been nominated after her win last year! I have been lucky enough to work directly with Christina for the last 3 years, including the past year as her Team Leader. I am so proud of her growth over the last year, and she has really helped me through my transition to being a Team Leader, helping me to grow the team. I honestly couldn’t have survived the ups and downs of last year without her hard work and commitment to the role. The REC Awards committee have a tough decision picking between the two of them!

About the REC Awards

The REC Awards is an annual event honouring the best and brightest in the UK recruitment industry. As Georgia mentioned, these awards aren't just for science recruiters - our fellow nominees occupy a variety of different niches, including IT, transport and civil engineering. So the awards are extremely competitive, and it's a huge honour to receive even one nomination, let alone several!

This year's award ceremony will take place at London's Royal Lancaster hotel on Thursday 24th November. Be sure to check the HRS blog regularly over the coming weeks as we profile each of our nominated team members!

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