Improve Employee Retention

It's been said that people don't quit companies, they quit their managers. Anyone that has ever had to work under a bad manager will know how accurate that statement can be.

In fact, poor management can ruin what is a dream job on paper and be a driving influence in a worker's decision to part ways with what is otherwise a good company to work for.

Luckily, there is a tonne of simple ways to boost morale, enhance job satisfaction and improve employee retention easily. All you need to do is implement them!

If you are in a managerial position with a team of staff under your watch, take a look at these employee retention tips and keep your workforce happy today.


Employee Retention Tips

To help get your staff on side, try incorporating these techniques into your managerial style and not only give your team reason to stay but also give them a reason to perform to the best of their abilities.


Hire the Right Person

Before you can go about working on retaining staff, you must first be sure that you have actually hired the right person for the job in question.

If you have taken onboard someone that is unsuitable for the vacancy, out of their depth for the tasks at hand or just plain not cut out for the position they have applied for, chances are that they won't be long for your working world.

Take time during the recruitment process to really assess and digest the credentials of each candidate, along with the motivation behind their application.

This will help separate those that really want it and those that have applied for the sake of it, ultimately leaving you with a motivated individual that wants the opportunity and is hungry and capable of performing.


Create a Relaxed Work Environment

Nobody wants to work in an uncomfortable environment where stress is commonplace, unrest is rife, politics are rampant.

As such, creating and nurturing a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere where people get along and workloads are achievable is paramount.

Aim to formulate a working culture where unity and teamwork are universal and a sense of company pride is strong.

Similarly, ensuring your office is well-lit and a comfortable temperature can also enhance the overall experience of daily work.

Combining these techniques will help create a positive environment that employees are happy to be in, where “Sunday night syndrome” is a thing of the past.


Encourage Self-Improvement

Employees often find added value in jobs where opportunities for personal and professional development are present and self-betterment is par for the course.

After all, nobody wants to feel as though they're stuck in a rut, spinning their wheels when it comes to their working life and the chance to progress can be a big difference-maker.

This could be through official external courses and qualifications training or simply offering lunchtime learning opportunities and inter-department skills sharing.

Meanwhile, self-improvement could also come in the form of promoting health and well-being at work, whether it's through workplace exercise programmes or therapy classes.


Listen and Learn

Listening to your employees is a fundamental ingredient in the day-to-day success of the working environment you have created.

Not only will it send the message to your staff that their opinions matter and are valid, but it will also provide you with unfiltered insight from those in the trenches.

Conduct regular reviews with your staff to ensure they're coping with well with the tasks and workload, taking time to ask for their feedback.

Providing your workforce with the opportunity to raise any concerns and provide suggestions not only boosts morale but can also help nip any issues in the bud before they get out of hand.

What's more, their comments may also influence your management decisions and help direct the business in a positive direction.



Positive reinforcement should be a key area of any manager's daily playbook and is a sure-fire way to help ensure your staff remain motivated.

Nobody likes to feel like their contributions are overlooked and underappreciated, so take the time to recognise workers when a job is done well.

Whether you do so through a simple comment or email to show your appreciation or reward hard work through other means, like incentives and awards, a simple show of gratitude can go a long way.

Reminding your workforce that their hard work doesn't go by unnoticed can spur them on to continue to perform at a high level or, better still, perform at an even higher level.

After all, if your staff enjoy their job, they are unlikely to want to leave. Meanwhile, it's long been said that a happy worker is a productive worker, so it's in everyone's best interest to ensure that staff morale is high at all times.

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