Here’s our MD Ricky Martin completing the Ice Bucket Challenge, showing his support for the charity MNDA. 

Importance of scientific research

Scientific research helps us understand the world around us. It’s this research that helps us to understand how things work and why certain things look or behave the way they do. Most importantly, research can also help save or prolong human life. This is something that we all need to think about. Without science where would we be?

HRS are extremely passionate about providing recruitment solutions which will assist in the improvement and quality of life for all. This is the industry that changes and saves lives! So if you’re passionate about science and really want to help make a difference to the industry why not get in touch today and ask us about our science jobs.

Think there’s no science jobs? Think again.

science jobs

Can you imagine a world without science? Every time you turn a light on, start a car or even open a refrigerator – it’s there.

Now imagine a world without cars, TVs, transport or major medical advances. We are so heavily reliant on being scientifically advanced, we wouldn't be able to survive without it.

Science is all around us, it's everywhere, we simply can’t live without it. Let's not forget, if we want to improve the quality of our lives we need to ensure we continue to make advancements.


How Hyper Recruitment Solutions was founded

2006 was the year I graduated as a Biochemist from Cardiff University. This fuelled my passion for a career in the Life Science Sector.

After I left university, I spent several years working in science recruitment, passionately supporting scientists with their careers. My long-term ambition was to help the industry really make a difference and to do so I wanted to focus my efforts on supporting careers in science by offering as many professional science jobs as possible.

With financial investment from Lord Sugar in 2012, I was able to fulfil my dream and set up my own specialist consultancy, Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS).To create a truly specialist scientific recruitment agency, I made the decision to employ scientists and train them in recruitment.

Everyone who works at HRS is passionate about science. This is our driving force. We thrive on working alongside companies who are focused on making the world a better place for all.

 "Our vision is to provide recruitment solutions which will assist in the improvement and quality of life for all. 
We aim to provide a service to areas of actual need which have an impact on us all."

Our consultants are scientists!

We want to succeed based on reputation, relationships and a passion for science and this is how the science community works. 

By ensuring our consultants come from the field and are interested in it, we create both a service of excellence and one which ensures we can build real relationships.

We can be honest and professional about how careers can develop. All of which fall in line with our key company values.


Where are we now?

We support science jobs at all levels and from any discipline. This could be from working for a Pharmaceutical company who is developing new and existing therapeutics or an FMCG business who is making the latest consumer products in a sustainable and efficient way.

Since the company’s inception, we have proudly supported 1000s of science jobs and technology jobs. HRS has gone from a company with no science jobs, infrastructure, customers or reputation, to a successful business with clients across ten countries and a candidate base throughout the world.


So, if you're looking for a science job, get in touch today using the button below. Our knowledgeable consultants would be more than happy to help you with your career in science!

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Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) is committed to providing highly compliant and specialist recruitment consultancy dedicated to the Science and Technology communities.We are a recruitment consultancy that not only cares about our markets, people and community, but are actually a real part of them too. Since our launch in 2012, HRS has made a real impact in our market and we are honoured that we have been short listed in the categories of ‘Most Inspiring Leader' - Ricky Martin and 'Most Inspiring Newcomer' - Eve Hegarty.
“A collaboration of scientists supporting science”
Our professional and knowledgeable team of consultants have personal academic or industry expertise in science ensuring we deliver real life expertise and are true subject matter “consultants”, not just recruiters. Each consultant is given their own area of scientific expertise to empower and develop them. Everyone works directly with Ricky and Lord Sugar to develop their expertise in what we can only say is a unique way. This includes support on recruitment expertise, subject area knowledge (Ricky for Science and Lord Sugar for Technology) as well as promoting and supporting our social media and website reach.
HRS really is a highly specialist consultancy that not only cares about our markets, people and community, but are actually are part of them also. We may be a new player in the market place, however we are full of expertise, passion and commitment to both recruitment and the scientific communities.
It's not simply a case of finding the right science jobs and technology jobs for our candidates, we genuinely want to help people further their careers and reach their full potential within these fields. Providing recruitment solutions which will assist in the improvement and quality of life for all is a philosophy we all value at HRS.
Read our testimonials to find out what our clients, candidates and suppliers are saying about us.
We are honoured that HRS has been short listed for these awards. Being a finalist and winning an award can have a substantial impact on your career and company. This will certainly continue to drive our passion and determination to further exceed expectations.
The Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards 2014 is taking place 22 October 2014 at the Congress Center, London.
Congratulations to all the finalists, I wish you all the best of luck and look forward to celebrating with you at the awards ceremony next month! l potential within these fields.