It hopefully won't have passed your notice that here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions, we don't merely provide services to candidates! Indeed, it is a natural part of our work in matching science jobs to those seeking vacancies in such fields as pharmacology, biochemistry and molecular biology that we also work very closely with organisations in need of talent in these categories.

Your business or organisation doubtless needs to get the New Year off to the best possible start, so here's how you can do just that by investing in the best talent in partnership with a leading science recruitment agency like Hyper Recruitment Solutions.

The most suitable candidate will bring long-term value

Let's imagine that you have found a candidate who seems to be making all of the right noises. They have great qualifications, their CV shows a lot of relevant experience and they appear to be a friendly, curious and determined 'team player'. Why is it so important to hire someone with the right attributes?

There is, of course, the financial aspect to consider - a hire who turns out to be unsuitable could cost your business many thousands of pounds to replace. This can in itself hold back your organisation from achieving its 2016 goals, particularly if you are a small firm and margins are tight already.

Mostly, however, the value of the best candidate is in how they can actively power your organisation forward, for month after month and year after year. Whoever you hire now will effectively be the face of your business in 2016 - so not only do they need to have the right skills and experiences, but they should also truly believe in your science organisation's mission, values and work.

Fuel your company's growth with the right hire

The graduate or new starter that you hire now may be occupying a senior position at your organisation in years to come. With their fresh perspective, energy and ideas, they can be instrumental as ambassadors for your business, helping you to create an effective 'employer brand' that will attract even more of the right people.

Don't forget that investing in the right people isn't just about finding and hiring those people - it's also about treating and training them well to minimise the likelihood of them ever wanting to leave your company. Studies have shown that employers that train their employees are three times less likely to lose them than those that don't.

Do you have exciting new science jobs to fill? Contact Hyper Recruitment Solutions right now about our acclaimed and highly compliant science recruitment solutions, so that your company takes on only the best talent in the New Year.  

Become more employable

The beginning of a new year is supposed to see people living up to their resolutions and dropping bad habits in favour of far more productive ones. In reality, of course, most of us end up doing more or less the same things as we did the year before.

But there's no reason for you to be the same! Become more employable and nab one of the best science jobs this year with these 10 tips from Hyper Recruitment Solutions:

1. Revamp your CV

Does your CV quickly make clear why no employer should ignore you? Is it well-structured, readable and free of mistakes? Do you adapt it to each new position that you apply for? Make sure the answer to all three of these questions is a resounding 'yes!'

2. Undertake further training

That molecular biology job you've got your eye on may be more attainable with an additional qualification. Even if you don't need a specific formal qualification to get the role you want, there might be other useful skills that you can learn in order to boost your employability. 

3. Improve your interview technique

Many candidates have a sparkling CV, but can't articulate in person what makes them such a great catch. Avoid this problem by rehearsing answers to common interview questions and developing your lift pitch - this will ensure that you're prepared to really impress your potential employer. 

4. Determine what you are worth

Assess what value you actually have to an employer on the basis of your current skills, attributes and experience. Learn to confidently 'sell' yourself during interviews, and remembering that you're interviewing the employer as well!

5. Brush up on your leadership skills

Great leadership isn't just about managing a team - it's also about being able to manage yourself. Can you work well independently without the need to be micro-managed? Are you able to show initiative when working?

6. Build your online presence

Your profile on the web can both assist and damage your chances with employers, who will often Google the names of candidates before offering them a job. Make sure your own net presence is a help rather than a hindrance - see our social media clean-up tips for assistance.

7. Change your attitude

It's especially easy for those who have been unemployed for a while to think they'll never find another good job. Unfortunately, this lack of confidence does not go unnoticed by employers, and it can therefore become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Think positive, and this will come through in your applications and interviews.

8. Show flexibility

You may desire a certain salary and hours, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get it. Keep an open mind: even a less-than-ideal role may turn out to be the perfect stepping stone to your dream job.

9. Request feedback from others

What do your current employers and/or colleagues think of your current performance? Ask them about your best and worst attributes - what are your strengths right now, and in which areas could you improve?

10. Keep busy!

Don't be that jobseeker who simply watches TV all day - you should be searching hard for jobs and other opportunities that will make you more employable. Hunting out that dream role is a full-time job in itself!

If you're looking for a job in science or technology, be sure to register with Hyper Recruitment Solutions to get the latest science job listings and further advice on how to be more employable.

You might imagine that the relationship between you as a jobseeker and a recruitment agency is a fairly straightforward one - you sign up and stipulate what you are looking for, and the agency does its best to match you up to suitable vacancies.  

However, you are likely to meet with much greater success in your search for science jobs if you follow the below tips to get the most out of your recruitment agency.

Ask for advice relating to your sector

Eager to know how to break into biotechnology, medical devices or pharmaceutical? Maybe you are on the lookout for life sciences, quality assurance, regularly affairs or research and development (R&D) opportunities?

A good recruitment agency will be able to advise you on 'the law of the land' in relation to your targeted sector, including trends, required skills, experiences, qualifications and more.

Get your CV and covering letter sorted out

You will fall at the first hurdle if your covering letter and CV don't make a great impression straight away.

We aren't just talking about misspellings or grammatical errors, although of course, these are bad enough. We're talking about absolutely anything that would give an employer an excuse to leave your CV at the bottom of the pile. Our experts here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions can help you to ensure that doesn't happen.

Make your career 'fighting fit' with coaching

Nor is any science recruitment agency quite complete if it does not offer some form of career coaching. What qualifications do you need? What steps do you need to take after qualification? Do you even yet know exactly what you want from your career?

Here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions, we are happy to guide you through real life examples of what people have done previously to land their dream science role.

Brush up on your interview technique

So much failure to land highly desired science jobs can be attributed to poor interview preparation. You may stumble over a specific interview question, or simply not show yourself at your best at the interview - whatever, a great science recruitment agency will help you to avoid this.

Contact our team about assistance with your own upcoming interview, including information on practice questions and how to identify given interview styles.

Request salary benchmarking

Finally, a good recruitment agency should also be able to help you to gauge your worth and determine how much salary you ought to ask for at the negotiation stage. Are you truly being paid the market rate?

Combine these five tips with a proactive attitude and a readiness to learn, and there's no reason why you can't gain significant value from your chosen recruitment agency when searching for jobs. Here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions, we would be delighted if you made us that science recruitment agency. 


work life balance

Jobs in science can be highly demanding, involving long hours, a stressful workload and mentally-taxing tasks.

While the role itself may be tricky, perhaps the most difficult thing to master is how to juggle work and home life.

Knowing how to balance work and life at home is difficult for anyone, but the added pressure associated with science jobs can put even more strain on the employee.

Here are a few of our favourite tips on how to remain professionally productive without completely burning yourself out along the way.


What is a healthy work-life balance?

The phrase “healthy work-life balance” is commonly bandied about in employment circles, but what does it actually mean?

While the exact definition may vary one person to the next, a work-life balance is essentially the ability to create a synergistic relationship between your everyday home life and your day-to-day profession.

The expression “work to live not live to work” sums this up perfectly. A demanding profession can quickly take over your personal life, if you let it.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be vital for mental health, not to mention a key component in preserving relationships outside of the office.


How to balance work and life

For the career-driven, it can be all too easy to get buried in work at the expense of your home life. As such, knowing how to balance work and life outside of it is an important skill to have.

Luckily, we have a few choice tips on how to do just that.


Aim for the right balance for you

Naturally, working hours can vary greatly from one job to the next and jobs are no different. Meanwhile, different people will also have different tolerance thresholds. 

Some of us can work well into the evenings on consecutive days showing little signs of ill-effect, while others may need more regular time out to keep themselves operational.

Above all, you should consider how your current work-life balance feels to you and whether changes should be made in either direction. If demands of work are bleeding over into the home (or vice versa), it may be time to reassess.


Don't get hooked on stress

Stressful situations can cause the body to release a cocktail of stress hormones, including adrenaline. The subsequent adrenaline rush can be an invigorating feeling, leaving you energised and ready to take on the world.

Deadlines, demanding workloads and decreasing time constraints are common stresses in the professional environment which, as such, can also provide a similar adrenaline-fuelled sensation.

However, as effective as adrenaline may be on productivity, you shouldn’t rely on it to fuel you from one day to the next – that’s a sure-fire way to burn out in a hurry.

It's important to learn how to balance work and life in a healthy way – riding a daily adrenaline high to each deadline isn’t the way to do it. Ensure productive preservation by taking time to cool down and mentally reset.


Allow others to lighten the load

A common trait in the workplace – particularly for those who take extreme pride in their work – is the inability to delegate tasks. Science as a whole is a repeat offender.

Across the full range of fields and functions – from pharmacology and immunology to R&D and quality assurance – science is rife with people who are reluctant to give up responsibilities, despite knowing that they are overworked.

If this sounds like you, don't allow pride to keep you under pressure. If your workload is overflowing, ask your colleagues to take over some of your duties. Remember, many hands make light work.


Distinguish clearly between home and the workplace

Do you take your work home with you? If so, it could be a glaring warning beacon that your work-life balance is in danger of capsizing.

While it can be unavoidable at times – and virtually impossible if you work remotely – regularly working at home can be a slippery slope to reside on. It can be all too easy to slip into a pattern of clocking off only to fire up the laptop and clock back in when you arrive home.

Over time, those working hours can creep up far beyond where they should be, inadvertently taking priority over relaxing and recharging. Worse still, it can just as easily begin to replace time spent with loved ones as well.

Differentiating between work and play can be the ultimate component in keeping work and home lives separate.

If you do need to work at home – whether it’s a permanent arrangement or merely a one-off – try to keep your work time confined to designated space, such as an office room.

This will help you to recognise how much time is spent dedicated to work, while also preventing your home from becoming an extension of your working environment.


Make the most of the weekend

Any sportsman will tell you that downtime is just as important as hard work when it comes to achieving and maintaining peak performance. The same applies when it comes to working life.

Even if you can only spare one or two weekends a month for guilt-free relaxation, make sure you do it. Whether you spend it chilling out with friends, crashed out in front of the TV or in a new city on a well-deserved break, be sure to leave work in the rear-view mirror.



Looking for a new role that better fits your idea of a healthy work-life balance? Click the button below and let Hyper Recruitment Solutions take the stress out of your job search today.

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The New Year is inevitably a time when so many of those on the hunt for science jobs declare that this will be year that they land the 'big one' - the year when they make the switch from what may be a stifling or insufficiently challenging current job into the role that truly advances their career.

Of course, they could also be a graduate or last-year student preparing as much as possible to make their 2016 job search a successful one.

Whatever science jobs field you may have your eye on - clinical, engineering, pharmaceutical, FMCG/food or perhaps something altogether different - there are so many great reasons to make Hyper Recruitment Solutions your partner.

We are a science recruitment agency that does it all

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a highly compliant recruitment company that specialises in the science and technology sectors - from the biotechnology, medical and clinical fields to environmental, energy, telecommunications and so many more.

We were founded by a winner of BBC's The Apprentice, Ricky Martin, and to this day continue to be run in partnership with Lord Alan Sugar. However, our great people aren't restricted to our board members, the entire company being populated with the highest calibre science recruitment and business experts who are devoted to providing you with the most efficient, hassle-free and effective service.

Above all else, we have an exceptional record of getting ambitious and talented jobseekers into the most desirable and suitable science jobs, drawing upon a mix of the latest technology and the most time-honoured principles of good practice in science recruitment.

Make us your first port of call for New Year job hunting

There are many science recruitment agencies out there, so we recognise that we may not be your automatic choice even if you are contemplating a major search for science jobs in the New Year. However, we are convinced that we have the best credentials for those wishing to initiate the most proactive hunt for science opportunities.

That is in part due to the genuinely comprehensive nature of our service, our assistance for candidates extending to cover CV and interview advice, specialist guidance related to the candidate's specific target industry and - of course - access to the best opportunities across an incredibly broad range of client employers, including both short-term and temporary/contract roles.

However, here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions, we also take seriously our objective of providing the best candidate experience of any recruitment agency, treating you as an individual, presenting you with the very best job options and not charging you for any of our services.

If you are looking for the best science recruitment agency with which to really land that dream role in 2016, you simply couldn't do any better than Hyper Recruitment Solutions.