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5 Scientific Jobs That Make a Difference

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When searching for a new job in the life science industry, there's a huge chance that your new post could make a difference to the lives of many. The science industry is integral for providing new knowledge and stimulating innovation for diseases, disabilities and illnesses - and you new role could play an important part in that.

In this blog, we'll take look at some scientific jobs that make a difference to everyday lives - and who knows? You may even find yourself applying for one!

Cell & Gene Therapy Jobs That Make a Difference

There are around 375,00 new cancer cases in the UK every year, and working towards a cure is an essential part of reducing these staggering numbers. As a cell and gene therapist, you will be at the forefront of finding a solution that will make a difference to millions.

Gene therapy is a form of treatment that approaches illnesses by fighting the condition at its roots by modifying the patient's genes instead of merely tackling symptoms. This is done by replacing a faulty gene or adding a new gene in an attempt to cure or fight against disease.

Working within this sector means that you will be searching for the much-needed answers behind a wide range of illnesses that currently have no cure - such as cancer, AIDS and cystic fibrosis. There is no denying that this is one of many important jobs that make a difference.

Make a Difference: Jobs in Cell and Gene Therapy

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Animal Health Jobs That Make a Difference

By working in the animal health sector, you will be the brains behind the biologics, pharmaceuticals and medications provided to animals in order to maintain a sustainable food supply to society. These roles will usually be based around the research, development and production of animal-centred treatments and solutions, where you can make a difference by controlling disease outbreaks amongst animals.

Animal health is an integral sector - as we grow more attached to animals, we naturally come within closer contact of them. This shared environment heightens the risk of shared illnesses such as Lyme disease, rabies and hepatitis, which can be prevented by the studies and research done within this industry.

Make a Difference: Vacancies in Animal Health


Environmental Jobs That Make a Difference

With a job in environmental science, you can work in a range of sectors - from conversation and sustainability to environmental research and education. More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction due to climate change. By the mid-century, as many as 30 to 50% of the total species found on Earth will have disappeared.

Shocking, isn't it? This is why a job in the environmental science sector has the potential to make a huge difference to society as we know it.

Make a Difference: Environmental Jobs

Are you ready to look for jobs that make a difference?

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