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Why Is Gene Therapy Important?

gene therapist with dna strands

Despite being a relatively new science, gene therapy is at the forefront of new treatments, with millions being spent every year to further research and development. But exactly why is this new treatment technique so prominent and why is gene therapy important to our society?

To be able to answer the question on the importance of gene therapy, we first have to understand exactly what gene therapy is.

What is Gene Therapy?

Gene therapy is a form of treatment that approaches illnesses by fighting the condition at its roots by modifying the patient's genes, rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Gene therapy works by replacing a faulty gene or adding a new, healthy gene in an attempt to cure disease, or improve your body’s ability to fight it.

It is believed that gene therapy can potentially hold the answers for a wide range of genetic illnesses that currently have no cure, such as cystic fibrosis, cancer, and AIDS.

Around 80% of known rare diseases are genetic in origin, and an estimated 280 million people worldwide are affected by these illnesses - this just further highlights the importance of gene therapy.

Why is Gene Therapy Important for the Future?

Gene therapy is still a relatively new science, and we still have much to learn. Although gene therapy was conceived of as a concept decades ago, we have only recently put this theory into practice.

The first practical approved application of the gene therapy science occurred just over 30 years ago. Even though we still have much to learn about gene therapy, it is widely believed that it will become a staple of 21st century medicine. Our understanding of gene therapy is still in its infancy, but it is largely believed that the answer to the treatment of multiple diseases and conditions is held within the confines of gene therapy.

To many, gene therapy is the promise of a future where, to those who receive a diagnosis of a genetic disease or disorder, it is no longer a life sentence.

At present, gene therapy treatments are very expensive and can cost up to £2.8 million, so its use is not yet commonplace. It is the hope of many that, in the future, gene therapy will become a more readily available treatment.

Careers in Gene Therapy

If you’re interested in a career in the gene therapy industry, there are a wide range of different careers you can pursue. From research assistant to logistics coordinator, the gene therapy industry is constantly expanding and there are roles that need filling by dedicated and committed individuals.

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