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Life Science Networking Tips for Job Hunters

Life science networking

The life science industry is an incredibly exciting place to be. If you're looking for life science jobs, you may soon find yourself on the forefront of innovation and discovery, making a difference to our current and future society.

As you're probably aware, networking is a great way to make lasting connections within the industry - but how do you do this effectively? Without further ado, here are our top life science networking tips for job hunters...

1. Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Did you know that around 95% of recruiters use social media to advertise job opportunities? LinkedIn is a goldmine for job opportunities, and it's an excellent way to start gaining life science networking experience. If you don't have a profile already, you should probably get started by making one.

It's best to view LinkedIn as a digital CV - you can create a profile for potential employers, list your skills and qualities, and choose some keywords related to your experience to get tailored jobs sent straight to your profile. You can easily connect and interact with many valuable industry professionals.

Try these tips to get started with life science networking on LinkedIn:

  • Place tailored keywords on your profile so you are easily searchable
  • Interact with your connections and followers by commenting
  • Put yourself out there! Create and share content that demonstrates your own expertise

2. Attend networking events

There's nothing better (and more effective) than a bit of face-to-face interaction. Your life science networking doesn't have to always be behind a screen! Good communication and people skills are essential qualities in a candidate for a life science job, and in-person networking can develop this. It may seem a bit nerve-wracking to attend a life science networking event at first, but don't worry - with time, you'll get used to putting yourself out there and making connections in person.

Remember, anyone at a life science networking event is there for the same reason as you: to learn, to connect, and to grow within their industry. You're not out of place - you're in the best place for your career development.

Conferences are a great place to start networking with connections in the life sciences. Here are a few examples you could look into:

  • ISPOR (Health Economics & Outcomes Research)
  • RQA (Quality Assurance)
  • TOPRA (Regulatory Affairs)
  • Medica (Medical Affairs)
  • MD&M (Medical Design & Manufacturing)

3. Look out for training opportunities

Develop your personal and professional network and surround yourself with like-minded working professionals in the life science industry.

Training is a brilliant way to educate yourself within your sector, and you can even network a bit while you're at it! For the introverts, you can do this online, or in person. Either way, it is an undeniable way to accelerate your growth as a job candidate within the life science industry.

Take a look at some free life science courses on these websites below:

4. Believe in your abilities and don't shy away from them

Always be curious and eager to learn more by showing initiative, dedication, and enthusiasm towards the industry - who knows, you may be spotted by an industry leader with an exciting opportunity because of your life science networking skills!

Never give up the opportunity to mark yourself out as a budding candidate for a career in the life science industry. Yes, networking in the life sciences industry may take time and effort, and you may even be pushed beyond your comfort zone, but it is more essential than ever - especially in a world where success can come from who you know as much as from what you know.

HRS can support you!

Here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions, we support the sectors that strive to make the world a better place, and our life-changing team can help you to be part of that.

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