Blue Monday 2020

Blue Monday, dubbed the 'most depressing day of the year', typically falls on the third Monday of January every year. In the case of 2020, the 20th of January is the date on which everyone is supposedly down in the dumps and not feeling their best. But why? Well, let's find out!
Blue Monday, was first publicised back in 2005 as part of a press release from a holiday company, that claimed to have calculated the date using an equation that takes into account a number of different variables. These variables include weather conditions, the time since Christmas and failing any New Year's resolutions, debt and motivational levels as well as feeling the need to take action.
All of these things were placed into an equation that subsequently deemed the third January of every year as the most depressing day.
Blue Monday equation
However, we at HRS don't believe in Blue Monday and see it as just another day! Another day that you can use to make positive changes to your life and make a brighter start to your 2020.
A couple of years ago, the creator of Blue Monday insisted that it was "never his intention to make the day sound negative", and in fact, he was simply trying "to inspire people to take action and make bold life choices." But you don't need Blue Monday as a source of inspiration or an excuse to start making bold life choices or take action and if you do find yourself feeling a little blue, talk to people around you to lift yourself up and become a positive influence for others.
If you are feeling extra-motivated however, Hyper Recruitment Solutions want to help you! If you're looking to make the best start to 2020 that you can make and push your career within the science industry further with new and exciting opportunities, why not browse the science jobs that we are currently recruiting for? Set the tone of your 2020 and take the first step to become a better you by leaving Blue Monday in the past!
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New year's eve fireworks

Happy New Year! Now that 2020 is upon us, people all over the world will be thinking about ways to change themselves and their lives for the better over the next 12 months.

However, those vows of self-improvement don't need to be restricted to the usual suspects: weight loss, quitting smoking, seeing the world. New year's resolutions can be just as important (and beneficial) in the workplace too. Take a look at these new year resolution ideas for work and see for yourself.


Workplace Goals for the New Year

To help you better yourself, enhance your professional development and increase your chances of scaling the career ladder, here are a handful of handy goals and achievable aspirations you can set yourself to ensure your success in the year to come.


Learn a New Skill

A critical component for continued development and workplace progression, learning new skills over the course of your professional journey can be your entryway to a better role.

Whatever you do for your profession, there are likely to be a myriad of new skills you can explore to help better your existing abilities and benefit your current role.

What's more, learning a new skill can also provide you with increased confidence which, in turn, can help lead to new opportunities.

Meanwhile, the fresh challenges can also provide your current job with a shot in the arm in terms of variety and provide a welcome change from the norm.


Gain a Qualification

Much like the last section, gaining a qualification can have a big impact on your value within a company and increase your standing amongst your peers dramatically.

Offering multiple skills makes you more valuable to your superiors and not only secures your position within the company even further but can also put you in line for a promotion.

While professional qualifications do typically cost money to attain, they can be well worth the investment and pay for themselves in spades down the line.

What's more, continuing your education as your career progresses shows other potential employers that you are still eager to learn and strive to be your very best.

Meanwhile, adding further qualifications to your existing skillset can improve your worth notably and open up financial opportunities both within your current employment and elsewhere.


Revamp Your CV

Keeping your CV up to date with key information is a task that very few of us do anywhere near as much as we should, especially those in long-term employment.

However, staying on top of your resume periodically is a great way to ensure you don't miss out important areas of information, such as key responsibilities, new qualifications and notable achievements.

Leaving your CV unattended for any length of time, it can be all too easy to neglect to include a training course or you've certificate attained along the way, particularly if you haven't applied for a job in some time.

Meanwhile, in addition to the information held within the document, the layout and presentation of your resume can also have a huge impact on your success rate, should you decide to apply for a job down the line.

Give your CV a facelift and play around with the layout to help give your CV a look that fits today's recruitment preferences and includes accurate, up-to-date info to provide substance to go with the style.


Get Connected

By the very definition of the word, networking is a great way to meet people and expand your professional circle outside of your immediate employment.

Connections made through networking events can prove pivotal down the line, with the ability to forge and strengthen business relationships, broker deals and even provide job opportunities.

Meanwhile, networking events are also a great way to keep on top of your industry and stay abreast of all the latest happenings within your professional sphere, along with who the key players and influential figures may be.

What's more, continued company and individual presence at industry networking events can help to establish both you and your company as key players within your field.

Conversely, non-attendance can have the opposite effect and leave you behind in the rat race, playing catch-up.


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Motivating employees

So, you've realised your dream and set up your own business. You have a shiny new office and hired a bunch of talented, enthusiastic and excited employees. Everything seems to be going just right. Until one day you notice some of your staff seem unmotivated and unwilling to work, what do you do? Well, HRS are here to help with our top ways on how to motivate your employees! Ensuring your staff remain happy and want to work for you.


Make them want to be at work

The first thing we recommend you think about when trying to motivate your staff is to make your workplace a pleasant place to be. The majority of your employees are going to spend most of their day working there, so the least you can do is to ensure they enjoy being there. Now there are a few ways in which you can do just this! The first and easiest way to do this is to make your business aesthetically pleasing. A place that when your workers first walk-in in the morning, brightens up their day and gets them in the mood to be productive. Make sure it is well-lit, functional and fun. You can do this by choosing appropriate lighting, using up-to-date equipment and keeping the place clean and tidy.


Offer rewards and incentives

At times, you will need to offer your employees more than just a pat on the back. By offering rewards and incentives, you give your staff a greater motivation to complete work and push their own professional development. It doesn't necessarily have to be monetary rewards that you can use, something as simple as offering a personal car park spot for a month, free lunch, gift vouchers or a free trip abroad. The possibilities are endless, you just need to make sure that the rewards are good enough that they make your staff work harder.


Offer long-term career prospects

Nobody wants to work in a dead-end job. By providing your employees with a clear career path, you provide them with a target to work towards, albeit it is an achievable target that can be gained through experience and accomplishments. By providing your workers with opportunities to progress and develop new skills as well as earning more money, not only will they benefit, but you will too. The sense of greater responsibility and trust that you place in them shifts their thinking from "this is just a job" to "this is my career".


Offer flexible working

Advances in technology have changed the way that businesses operate. It has also changed the in which we work or the way we can work. If your employees are able to check work emails on different devices such as their phone or finish projects on their laptops, there will be an expectation to allow them to work from home. In a study from Forbes, 46% of respondents said that flexibility is the most important factor when it comes to job hunting. So, whether it's working from home or offering flexible working hours, it's important to keep flexible working in mind if you're wanting to attract top talent as well as holding onto the talent you already possess.


Be clear and honest

Another great way to motivate your staff members is to always be honest and transparent with them. Let them know and understand how the business works and how the business is performing. Keeping them in the dark about such things may lead them to think they are being alienated or aren't important enough to know what's going on behind the scenes. You can do this in several ways, such as including them in business meetings and briefing, sending them monthly reports or just a regular email every now and then keeping them in the loop. Not only will they feel like an important part of the team, but they can also point out areas if the business that can be improved.


Provide refreshments

Something that seems so simple but is so effective. Nobody wants to work when they're hungry, so, by offering your staff food and drinks such as tea, coffee and biscuits will definitely go a long way in keeping them happy and motivated whilst at work. A survey by Seamless found that 57% of staff said that food-based perks would make them feel more valued and appreciated and that 38% said food perks would make them more likely to recommend their employer in a 'best places to work' survey. So, not only will a great selection of snacks and refreshments help keep your staff, but will help to attract more.


Find out what they want

Too often, in too many workplaces do bosses and managers come across as if they don't really care about what their employees want. They only seem to care about what they want and what's the best way to make their employees help to achieve it. This is a surefire way to make your staff up and leave. To avoid this, simply sitting down and listening to your employee's needs and finding out what thing they value will help to foster a positive work environment. Doing the unexpected can sometimes be the best thing you can do for your employees and your company.


Create meaningful and worthwhile goals

The best levels of work are always produced when aiming towards something. If you find your employees are coming into work just to sit around and get through the same stuff on a daily basis without ever having a real objective to achieve, you will soon find them becoming bored and hopping onto job sites. Ensuring your company and employees have clear and achievable goals will foster a great working environment.


For more information and advice on work-life and getting the best out of your employees, be sure to keep an eye on the HRS blog and social media channels.

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Pedestrians during rush hour

For many of us, the commute to work takes up a large portion of the day and has an impact on our mood and productivity! A late train or a crash on the motorway can really set you off to a bad start, while a quick and enjoyable journey into work can make you feel positive and motivated!

So, what are the perks and pitfalls of the most popular commuting options? Let's take a look at some of the most significant aspects of the commute and put public transport and cars head-to-head to see what comes out on top.

Paying by card


When you're making a journey twice a day, five days a week, you want to know you're getting some bang for your buck. When you add it all up, learning to drive, buying a car, filling it with petrol and forking out for maintenance is likely to cost you more in the long run.

There are a range of discounts available for public transport users, especially if they use season tickets, buy in advance or use a railcard. The costs for public transport users are fairly straight forward in comparison to a typical driver, so in this round public transport wins!

London commuters during rush hour


If you've ever graced your local bus or train station, you'll know they can be chaotic at the best of times - never mind during rush hour! For some, the hustle and bustle is a welcome bit of excitement, while for others, the large crowds coupled with the unpredictability of public transport can be completely overwhelming.

When you drive your own car, you can avoid the awkward conversations on the platform, enjoy a bit of peace and quiet or offer a lift to a colleague if you do fancy a bit of company on your way to and from work.

Having your own car gives you freedom pick and choose who you want to travel with, so we'll give this one to car drivers.

Glasses and tablet screen


One of the benefits of choosing public transport is the additional time to you during your day for activities! Without having to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, you can use your commute time to your advantage. Some popular public transport activities include:

  • Reading a book
  • Ordering shopping online
  • Learning a new language

Thanks to aux cables and Bluetooth connections in cars, you can listen to a podcast or your favourite radio show while you commute, but there really are limits to what you can do. So, for that reason, public transport wins this round!

Driving to work by car


Traditionally, public transport options are more eco-friendly than personal transport and it's clear to see why. One vehicle like a train or bus can carry a number of people to their desired location at once! If all of those individual people drove their own cars to work, they'd use more petrol & produce more emissions.

That being said, the gap between the environmental impact of cars and public transport is starting to close. With more and more electric vehicles on the road, we might be seeing a shift towards more eco-friendly commutes on the roads. With that in mind, we'll have to call this one a tie!

Hopefully, this has helped you decide whether you should travel to work using public transport or by car. If you're someone that doesn't currently have a commute... browse our current job vacancies!

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HRS team at IRP Awards 2019

The 2019 IRP Awards took place in London last night, and it was yet another winning evening for Hyper Recruitment Solutions!

As you may remember, we were named Best Company to Work for (Up to 50 Employees) at last year's event, and so we arrived at the Royal Lancaster Hotel last night hoping to do the double and retain our title.

So...did it happen? We think this tweet from our Managing Director Ricky Martin says it all:

That's right - we're thrilled to say that HRS once again won the Best Company to Work for award! It's a great honour to win this prestigious award twice on the trot, and the perfect way to cap off a year of big achievements for Hyper Recruitment Solutions:

But our success didn't stop there! Senior Recruitment Consultant Georgia Walden also picked up two gongs of her own at the IRP Awards last night: Permanent Consultant of the Year and Recruiter of the Year!

Georgia is an exemplary recruiter, and these aren't the first awards she's won in 2019 either. Back in May, we held our own 2019 HRS Awards, where Georgia was named Consultant of the Year.

Georgia Walden from HRS wins Consultant of the Year award

Here's what Managing Director Ricky Martin had to say about Georgia's latest win:

"Georgia joined HRS as an enthusiastic science graduate with a passion for helping scientists to do great things. Georgia has progressed through our training academy and gone above and beyond to become not only an expert in science recruitment but also a true professional who's making a difference. Well done Georgia, and well done to the rest of the HRS team!"

Ricky Martin and Georgia Walden with awards

Would you like to our life-changing, multi-award-winning team? Visit the HRS Careers page to see our current opportunities!