Are you currently unemployed and patiently waiting for an interview to come your way? There are hundreds of people up and down the country who have recently been made redundant, so you're not alone. When you're looking for a job, the days can quickly turn into weeks and months with very little progress being made. All of a sudden, you might get three interviews in one week!

Job hunting is unpredictable, and at times, can seem like a neverending struggle with no end in sight. You might start getting job search anxiety, maybe even feelings of depression. It really can be hard to stay positive, especially if things aren't going your way, but don't worry, we've got a whole host of top tips to help you stay positive during your job hunt. 

1. Create Structure & Routine

Being unemployed and having the freedom to sleep in until 2 pm every day might seem like a luxury at first, but we can assure you that the novelty wears off. Your mental health will start to decline if your life has no structure or routine, and this is one of the main reasons that people struggle to stay positive during their job hunt. We'd recommend creating a plan for each day & sticking to it.

2. Take Advantage of Resources

As a job seeker, you should always be on the lookout for resources that will help you secure your dream job faster. Here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions, we offer advice to candidates including CV advice & tips, interview advice and much more. Looking at resources like this will make you feel more prepared & confident - boosting your mood and helping you stay motivated. 

3. Set Realistic Goals

Rather than allowing one week to roll into the next, you should set small achievable goals and reward yourself when you complete them. This will help prevent you from falling into a negative cycle. These shouldn't be unrealistic goals, they should be things like:

  • Sending out 30 CVs to relevant job postings
  • Contacting at least 1 recruitment agency
  • Adding 5 new things to your portfolio

4. Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Negativity during your job hunt might stem from boredom, after all, there's only so much sitting at home and looking at jobs that one person can take. A good way to break up your week, get out of the house and feel like you're contributing to society is to look for volunteer opportunities. Animal sanctuaries, charity shops and lots of other stores are on the lookout for an extra pair of hands - so why not help them out?

5. Remember Your Achievements

People get so wrapped up in their job search that they forget to reflect on the positive things they've already achieved. Just because you're unemployed right now, doesn't mean that unemployment defines you. Think about the hard work you put into your qualifications, your family and so on. You're doing a great job.

6. Learn a New Skill

With a little extra time on your hands, why don't you try to improve your CV with some additional skills? There are all kinds of online courses (some of which you can do for free) that will make your CV stand out from the crowd. Potential employers like to see that you've been proactive, and learning a new skill will make you feel accomplished. It's a boost for your morale as well as your CV!

7. Develop a Portfolio

Nowadays, employees like to see examples of your work, whether that's a printed portfolio or a digital space that you've created. Of course, you won't need a portfolio for every kind of job, but creating a collection of the work your proud of can help to boost your mood while you're looking for jobs.

Reflecting on past work can also help to unearth potential job avenues that you might not have considered yet. For example, you might realise that you really enjoyed the university project which saw you working in a research laboratory - this might then inspire you to broaden your job search.

8. Avoid Dwelling on Jobs

If you're applying for jobs and either, not hearing back or getting lots of rejection emails, try not to take it too personally. Companies have hundreds and hundreds of applicants for most roles, so there's always going to be people who feel like they missed out. Try not to dwell on jobs that you didn't get, just pick yourself up and focus on the other great job opportunities that are out there. 

9. Seek Help

If you can feel yourself becoming depressed and frustrated during your job hunt, then it might be time to seek help from others. First and foremost, speak to your GP if your mental health is suffering, they can help talk through your feelings and may even prescribe you something. For help with your job search, you can get in touch with a recruitment company to help speed the process up.

Recruitment companies like HRS are designed to take the pressure of the job hunt out of your hands. We have specialists who dedicate all of their time to placing people in their dream roles. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we'll help you through the rest. 

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10. Don't Give Up!

The most important thing to remember is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you keep trying and working towards getting your dream job, it will eventually happen. Do your best to stay focused, stay positive and stay motivated.

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Unemployment can be an extremely stressful experience. Panic is a perfectly natural response to being made redundant, but instead of throwing yourself straight into the hunt for a new job, it may be useful to pause for a moment, take a breath, and consider your options.

Perhaps you've heard that old factoid about how the Chinese word for 'crisis' can also mean 'opportunity'. This isn't really true, but it's a good way of looking at things: losing your job is a crisis, but a brief period of unemployment can also be a great opportunity to change your career trajectory and get closer to achieving your life goals.

To help you make the most of that opportunity, here are ten unemployment tips from the team here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions.


6 Things to Do While You're Unemployed

  1. Apply for JSA. Hopefully it won't be long before you find a rewarding new role, but it's important to keep some money coming in until then. If you live in the UK, you may be able to claim Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) to help tide you over until you get a new job - visit for more information.

  2. Consider temporary / contract work. If JSA isn't enough to cover your cost of living, temp jobs can be a useful stopgap while you're looking for something more permanent. Get in touch with a temp agency and find out what sort of work is currently available. Contracting with HRS >

  3. Think about what you want from your working life. What do you want your career to look like? A period of unemployment is the perfect time to change the path you're on and start making progress towards your goals. Whether you want to win awards for your work or just make enough money to live comfortably, be sure to keep those dreams in mind as you consider your next move.

  4. Polish up your CV. If you're going to be applying for jobs, the first thing to do is look at your CV and make sure a) that it's up to date, and b) that it does your talents justice. For help with improving your CV, visit our CV Tips & Advice page.

  5. Get interview-ready. That smashing CV of yours will hopefully make lots of employers eager to get to know you, so make sure you're prepared for a job interview! Rehearse some common interview questions with a friend or family member, and ask them to make up a few questions of their own to keep you on your toes. You should also make sure you look the part: get a haircut if you need one, and keep your smartest clothes on standby just in case you hear from a potential employer.

  6. Don't fall out of routine. If you don't currently have a job to get up for, you may be tempted to fall into bad habits: sleeping in late, staying up until the wee small hours, keeping your pyjamas on all day, and so on. To keep yourself in a productive, work-ready frame of mind, we recommend sticking to a daily routine as much as possible - see our working from home productivity tips for more information.

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