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What is the Salary of a Biomedical Engineer?

Biomedical engineering become more important than ever. The role of a biomedical engineer is to find solutions to specific medical problems, and recent years have been a testament to how rapidly the world of medicine changes.

Now truly is the best time to look for a biomedical engineer job. Naturally, you may have some questions about the role. Here's everything you need to know about the salary of a biomedical engineer!

What is the Salary of a Biomedical Engineer? 

In the UK, the average salary for a biomedical engineer is £36,028 per year. An individual's salary will depend on location, position and experience.

For example, NHS biomedical engineer salaries are categorised by bands:

Entry Level Biomedical Engineer Salary 

The salary for an entry level biomedical engineer would be under the Band 5 bracket which ranges from £27,055 to £32,934 per year.

Mid-Level Biomedical Engineer Salary

The salary for a mid-level biomedical engineer would be under the Band 6 bracket which ranges from £33,706 to £40,588 per year. 

Senior Biomedical Engineer Salary 

The salary for a senior, experienced biomedical engineer would be under the Band 7 bracket which ranges from £41,659 to £47,672 per year.


What Does a Biomedical Engineer Do? 

Biomedical engineers are at the forefront of engineering new drugs, treatments and medical devices to give patients a better quality of life. 

The role of a biomedical engineer is extremely varied. For instance, a biomedical engineer may specialise in: 

  • Healing damaged organs
  • Creating drugs and treatments
  • Developing prosthetics 
  • Analysing emerging diseases, variants and viruses

As a biomedical engineer, you will be able to work in a variety of industries such as healthcare, agriculture, and even food production! A biomedical engineering career will allow you to work face-to-face on a daily business. 

For instance, you may find yourself working in multiple facilities such as universities, manufacturers, firms and research organisations.

It’s also worth noting that biomedical engineers often get confused with biotechnology careers, so we’ve also got a blog on the differences between biomedical and biotechnology jobs.

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