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What is Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals?

When you work in quality control for a pharmaceuticals company, you will be identifying, fixing, or triaging any defects in a product before it reaches your desired consumers.

Here's all you need to know about quality control in pharmaceuticals, and why it may be the perfect career path for you!

Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals

As part of the quality control team, you will be evaluating the effectiveness of different pharma products using multiple quality assurance frameworks.

The difference between quality control and quality assurance is that quality assurance generates frameworks to establish whether a product has reached the correct regulatory standards, quality control will evaluate the effectiveness of a product by using said frameworks.

If you're wondering what quality control is in the pharma industry - in the simplest terms - quality control is a specific subset within quality assurance. 


Why is quality control important in pharma?

In the pharmaceuticals industry, quality control employees will handle and test vital drugs and medicines that will become available for public use. Due to this, it is essential that they are safe for the consumer and tested against industry standards and regulations. The quality control process provides usable and safe products for the public, and strengthens the process of the teams involved in quality management to adapt future quality assurance frameworks for future products.


Quality Control Regulations in Pharmaceuticals

Depending on what product your pharmaceutical company produces, you will find that a role in quality control caters to a variety of regulatory and quality authorities. Some examples include:
  • GMP, GDP, GCP, GLP standards in compliance with MHRA for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries
  • BRC and HACCP in food industries
  • ISO313485 in medical device industries


Pharmaceutical Jobs in Quality Control

There are many types of pharmaceutical jobs available in quality control (and quality assurance). A job in quality control is extremely important for a pharmaceutical business, as it allows other companies to meet legal requirements for products in food, pharmaceutical and biological industries.

As a Qualified Person (QP), there are many quality control job titles available to you, including:

  • Qualified Person / QP
  • QA Manager
  • Head of Quality
  • Quality Specialist
  • Quality Administrator

Search for Quality Control Jobs Today!

At HRS, we have a range of quality control jobs live on our job search portal. Simply click the button below to search for jobs in quality control and start applying today! If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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