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4 Tips to Help You Beat the Job Search Blues

Job hunt got you down? Stay optimistic – a positive mindset will help you to make the most of every opportunity and keep moving forward until you finally land your dream role.

In this blog post, we’re going to share 4 tips to help you beat the job search blues. But first...

What are the job search blues?

Let’s face it, no one enjoys the job search process. Filling out arduous application forms, polishing your LinkedIn profile and attending interview after nerve-wracking interview is exhausting, and can really get you down – especially if you’re not seeing much success.

The ‘job search blues’ is an extremely common feeling among job seekers, particularly in the current job market. Job applications are becoming increasingly competitive, and hiring managers are requiring applicants to jump through more hoops than ever. It’s no surprise then that constant rejection and the threat of unemployment in today’s economy is affecting our mental health.


What causes the job search blues?

As we’ve touched on above, there are lots of factors that can lead to job-search sadness. Let’s take a further look at some of the key causes:


You’ve received a lot of rejections

It’s normal to find rejection uncomfortable. But after several failed interviews, we can really start to take it personally.

Constant rejection is bound to make us feel like a failure or that we’re not good enough. Over time this can also lead to low self-esteem, anxiety and feelings of depression.


You’re facing unemployment

With the cost of living as high as it is right now. these are anxious times, even for those in full-time employment. If you’ve been let go or your contract is due to run out soon, it can cause you to feel incredibly anxious about the future.

External pressures and responsibilities – such as caring for your family, paying bills and keeping a roof over your head – only exacerbate the stress that comes with unemployment.


You’re not enjoying your current job

You might already hold a full-time role that pays well, but if you’re not enjoying your time there, eventually this is going to impact your mental wellbeing. Whether you’re not being challenged, you don’t get on with your co-workers or the long commute is getting you down, not enjoying where you work is ultimately going to bring you down. After all, most of us spend a huge portion of our time at work, so it should ideally be something we enjoy.


How to beat the job search blues

Don’t give in to the job search blues! Here are 4 simple ways to keep on top of it and get you back to feeling yourself.


1) Don’t take rejection personally.

It’s important to remember that business is nothing personal. There are so many reasons why a company or hiring manager may feel that you’re not the right fit for them. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that. What we can control is how we deal with these setbacks.

Instead of taking each rejection as a personal attack, focus on learning from each interview so that you can go into the next one with a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.


2) Ask for feedback.

If you haven’t heard back about an interview or job application, don’t be afraid to chase it up or request feedback.

If you can better understand where you could improve, you’re already in a better position for the next interview.

Feedback doesn’t just have to come from hiring managers. Having someone to talk to during your job search can provide you with some much-needed emotional support. This could come from anyone, including family, friends or a perhaps a career coach.


3) Be kind to yourself.

If you’re really struggling, don’t push yourself. Practising self-compassion and taking a short break from your job hunt can make all the difference. When you’re in the thick of it, it can be easy to lose perspective.

Focus on getting plenty of sleep, eating right and spending time with loved ones. Have a think about the career path you’re on – is it really what you want?

Taking some time out to take care of yourself and reassess you career goals should get you back on track in no time.


4) Don’t give up.

While it’s important to give yourself a rest when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s equally important that you use the time wisely, so you can get back on the horse as soon as possible.

The longer you put off applying for jobs, the more nervous and negative you will become. Once you’ve gathered your thoughts and treated yourself to a well-earned rest, you’ll be a much better candidate for the next job.

Feeling positive and confident will stand you in good stead during interviews and make you more attractive to hiring managers.

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