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What Are the Best Countries for Science Jobs?

best countires for life science jobs

In 2022, the global life sciences market was valued at $9.0 billion. As the industry has continued to boom, so has the need for life science workers.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means you could have a career in the life sciences industry practically anywhere in the world!

If you’re just starting your scientific career – or if you’re looking for a fresh start somewhere new – here are some of the best countries for science jobs right now.


  • Average salary: CHF 95,000 (£86,346) per year.

Switzerland is home to over 300 biotech companies and many view it as one of the best locations in Europe for biotechnology.

According to a 2022 report, the Swiss biotech industry saw a record-high revenue figure of CFH 6.7 billion in 2021!

Other key industries include medical devices and pharmaceuticals.



  • Average salary: between A$75,000 (£38,798) and A$105,000 (£54,318) per year.

Australia’s life sciences industry continues to progress and is quickly becoming one of the biggest in the world. According to a 2022 report, Australia’s life sciences sector has grown by 43% since 2019.

The industry as a whole receives significant government support, including R&D tax incentives and more than A$21.5 billion in support funds.

Australia is also home to some of the world’s leading medical research institutes and universities, seeing particular success in areas such as oncology, regenerative medicine and medical devices, among others.


United Kingdom

  • Average salary: £34,961 per year.

The UK has proven itself a strong contributor to the development of innovative medical technologies and treatments across the globe.

In fact, according to a recent government report: “In 2021, the UK life sciences sector was third in the world for a number of inward investment projects with medicinal and pharmaceutical products in the top 3 goods exported from the UK.”

As a country, the UK offers its graduates excellent job prospects and access to a huge range of careers within the life science industry.


United States

  • Average salary: $1000,000 (£78,542) per year.

Life sciences is a huge industry in the USA. Key sectors include pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Investment opportunities in particular are on the rise, especially in areas such as drug discovery and clinical research.

The USA is home to some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, including Pfizer, who are based in New York.

Other life science hotspots include New Jersey, Georgia and North Carolina.



  • Average salary: €53,000-€75,000 (£45,199-£63,961) per year.

The Netherlands is home to some of the top life science companies in Europe, including Merck and Philips.

The country is praised for its exceptional healthcare system and leading success in areas such as clinical research, manufacturing and regulatory science, among others.

It’s also an incredibly innovative and collaborative country, with businesses, academia and government services working together to help shape an impressive life science industry.



  • Average salary: €55,000-€75,000 (£46,910-£63,961) per year.

Germany is an attractive destination for life science workers. With a strong economy and passion for innovation, it’s one of the world’s leading locations in shaping our understanding of life sciences.

It’s particularly strong in areas such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In fact, Germany’s healthcare market was named No.1 in Europe for market volume, patients, manufacturers and providers.

The German pharmaceutical sector is also the biggest in Europe and 4th in the world.


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