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REC Award Nominees: Haseena Mooncey

Haseena Mooncey

Introducing Haseena Mooncey

Nominated for: Temporary Consultant of the Year

Haseena has been working with HRS Recruitment for a little over 3 years. During this time, Hasseena has gone from strength to strength and has established herself as the biggest seller company-wide! Her hard work and positive attitude did not go unnoticed by her peers, in 2019/2020 Haseena was voted consultant's consultant of the year. This was an excellent way for fellow recruiters to show their support and admiration for Haseena as she continued to cement herself as one of HRS's top-performing life-changers. In addition, Haseena won 3 of HRS's prestigious value awards for passion and respect.

With COVID-19 taking over our lives for the past year (or two), the pharmaceutical industry has become more valuable than ever. Haseena recruits for the pharmaceutical industry and told The last year showed how important the pharmaceutical industry is, Haseena is proud to work in such an important industry and said "to be part of such an imperative industry helps me get out of bed each morning!"

In her role, Haseena recruits for Consultant Qualified Persons. These are the people that are responsible for ensuring medicines and vaccines are safe for human consumption. This is a very challenging role in a niche industry, but Haseena hasn't let that stop her from exceeding our expectations. Between 2019-2020, Haseena changed 27 lives. In the past year, she's changed 39. Haseena's progression is especially impressive because she's been able to consistently change lives, despite the challenges that COVID-19 has thrown at her.

We asked Haseena why she became a life-changer at HRS:

"Growing up with a mother and sister who are doctors, and having various family members within the healthcare field, I witnessed first-hand, the impacts they have on people’s lives and this always inspired me. I knew I wanted to make a difference and be part of an industry that positively impacted people, but I did not have the scientific background, which is often required for these roles.

HRS provided the solution to the career that I was searching for. Recruitment within the pharmaceutical industry has enabled me to channel my passions for changing lives in a way that suited me. It allows me to be myself and channel my positive energy into a career that I love."


Making a positive impact

Outside of her job here at HRS, Haseena has put her skills to good use by volunteering for the Royal Voluntary Service for the NHS "Check-In and Chat" facility. In this voluntary role, Haseena talking and listening to people who are struggling with being alone through the pandemic as well as people who just need a listening ear.

So far she has racked up 580 voluntary hours outside of her work, and we couldn't be prouder of her! This truly shows that Haseena's passion for changing lives goes beyond her work as a recruiter and she's really had a positive impact on those in need. This is just another reason why we think Haseena is an excellent candidate to win Temporary Recruiter of the Year at the upcoming REC awards ceremony.

As well as being a talented recruiter, Haseena has shown initiative in understanding and implementing new legislation within the company. In April 2021, IR35 hit the private sector and Haseena was a key part of the task force that contributed to internal training and also helped create customer information materials. She quickly became an expert in this field and even created a presentation in her own time to deliver training to the whole HRS workforce. Thanks to Haseena, everyone at HRS had a better understanding of IR35 and how it would affect their roles.

There have been a lot of other key processes that Haseena has championed, including the Key Information Document that's sent out to all new contractors to ensure they understand all the key legal information in their contracts. We can't thank Haseena enough for her proactive approach to her career and her willingness to help and improve the company as a whole.

We spoke to some of Haseena's clients to get some feedback on her approach to her jobConsultant QP, who Haseena has had on continuous assignments since January 2020, said:

“Haseena is a gifted recruitment consultant who knows the market inside out. It has been great to work with her in the interim space where she has been able to consistently match roles to my experience. Her day-to-day knowledge of the market and available opportunities is excellent.

Haseena is always personable, she takes the time to give feedback and wants to build long-term working relationships. I very much look forward to the next opportunity that we work on together.” 

More about Haseena:

  • Haseena is committed to understanding professional standards and this has made her a better recruiter. She schedules regular calls with her clients to make sure they are up to date with legislation and changes in the industry that might affect them.
  • Haseena continually exceeds client and candidate expectations, going the extra mile to make sure that both parties are 100% happy.
  • Haseena is dedicated to providing a high level of customer service and builds long-term relationships with candidates and clients alike. 

Her passion to change lives, and dedication to the cause that the businesses she supports shows us that Haseena is a very worthy winner of the Temporary Consultant of the Year award for 2021!

Want to become a life changer too?

Here at HRS, we are always looking for people like Haseena to help change people's lives in a range of scientific industries. If you think you have the drive and motivation to become a talented recruiter, then we want to hear from you! Take a look at all the current roles at HRS below, or give us a call on +44 (0)203 910 2980 to find out more!

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