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REC Awards: Our Nominations!

rec award shortlist certificate

We're delighted to announce that we've made the shortlist for some incredible REC awards this year. This is an event that we look forward to every year because it recognises individuals and companies that are making an impact in the recruitment industry.

We're so proud of all of our life-changers for working hard through the coronavirus pandemic, and the REC awards are just one of the ways that their hard work is being recognised. Keep reading to find out more about the REC awards we've been nominated for.


  • Temporary Recruiter of the Year - Haseena Mooncey (pictured)

First up, Haseena Mooncey has been nominated for temporary recruiter of the year. Haseena has been recognised by management as a true ambassador of HRS values - passion, integrity, respect and excellence.

Haseena's has grown from strength to strength over three years in the company, and has become the biggest biller company-wide!

Haseena recruits for Consultant Qualified Persons, the people who are responsible for ensuring vaccines and medication are safe for human/animal consumption. This is a challenging role, but Haseena hasn't let it hold her back.

Many of the consultants she's placed over the last year have had a direct impact on the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, so her work has been hugely important to us all.

We think that Haseena is a worthy winner of this award and our fingers are crossed for her!

Learn More About Haseena >

  • Best Company to Work for (up to 50 employees) - Hyper Recruitment Solutions

Next, Hyper Recruitment Solutions has been nominated as the best company to work for (up to 50 employees). This is a great honour and makes all the hard work we do feel 100% worth it!

We're dedicated to creating workspaces that are welcoming, productive and (most of all) fun! Whether we win the REC award or not, we will always strive to be the best company to work for, for all of our employees!

  • Temporary Worker of the Year - Brashanthiy Vijaragavan

Next is Brashanthiy Vijaragavan who's been nominated for temporary worker of the year, congrats Brashanthiy!

Brashanthiy was initially contracted to work 30 hours for Dante Labs, an Italian diagnostics and pharma company. Due to a sudden increase in COVID cases between May and June of last year, Brashanthiy was hired to analyse PCR test results.

Brashanthiy single-handedly cleared a huge backlog of PCR tests, all while looking after two young children under 5 and working from home! This is a huge achievement and one that we hope Brashanthiy will be recognised for at the REC awards ceremony. Best of luck!

  • Permanent Recruiter of the Year - Debra Fong & Christina Giakou

Finally, two of our life-changers, Debra Fong and Christina Giakou, have been nominated for permanent recruiter of the year.


Debra joined the Edinburgh office shortly after it opened in 2018 and had some great success off the bat, securing two 360 deals in her first 6 months. Debra has received praise from her candidates for taking a patient, friendly and professional approach to recruitment, making people feel supported every step of the way.

Debra is always willing to go the extra mile for her candidates, for example, when one of her clients was hesitant to sign a new contract because they were struggling to find appropriate housing, Debra took the time to help her client find a home, so they could accept their dream job without stress!

In 2020/2021, Debra changed 46 lives, and we think she's an excellent candidate for permanent recruiter of the year. Best of luck Debra.


Christina works in a niche area of the Life Sciences sector, but this hasn't held her back at all. Over the past year, she's placed 22 people in their dream jobs!

When talking to some of Christina's clients, you will learn that she's a proactive, supportive and helpful recruiter with an excellent ability to understand people's requirements and match them to their dream jobs. 

Christina also started a book club at HRS to bring people closer together and to help relieve stress during lockdown. Everyone involved in the book club is especially grateful to Christina because she's made a huge difference to their well-being and mental health.

Christina's dedication to her job, and her proactive approach to making the HRS workplace a better place, is certainly deserving of an award. We have our fingers crossed for you.


We can't wait to attend the REC awards later in the year, and we'll be sure to share the results with you all! In the meantime, we wish everyone who's been nominated the best of luck. 

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a life-changing recruiter here at HRS, we have a number of opportunities available. Click the button below to find out more!

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