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HRS Team Celebrate the End of Quarter 3 with a Virtual Get-Together

HRS team virtual quizzes

Can you believe that we've just finished our third quarter? How time flies!

The past three months have brought plenty of challenges - not least because the Covid crisis is still very much ongoing - but there's been a lot of success too, and even a pandemic couldn't stop the HRS team from celebrating that success together.

On Friday 26 March, our hard-working life changers gathered via Zoom for our regular end-of-quarter (EOQ) celebration. The interactive presentation of our recent highlights covered everything from Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year... our February Mile Challenge, a month-long effort to walk, run and cycle as many miles as possible. The whole company took part, and between us, we raised more than seven thousand pounds for three fantastic charities. Read more about the February Mile Challenge here.

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Here are some other highlights of our third quarter:

  • Valentine's Day treats
  • Weekly quizzes
  • Takeaways at the end of each month
  • Promotions and anniversaries

It was great to look back on all the best moments of the past few months and realise how much fun we've all managed to have in spite of the lockdown restrictions that have been in place since the new year began. Working from home can be challenging - it's often difficult to avoid distractions and maintain a healthy work/life balance - but everyone here at HRS has been coping wonderfully. We've managed to stay connected through regular virtual meet-ups, and the company has kindly provided working from home snack boxes to help us all to stay positive.

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About our EOQ Events

Every three months, the HRS team come together to look back on the past quarter, celebrate our achievements and relive the highlights.

End of quarter Zoom get-together

This time around, each staff member was given a surprise box of chocolates and a bottle of wine to mark the occasion, and dinner was on the company too.

Most excitingly of all, the HRS team tackled a virtual escape room - with prizes at the end for those whose wits were up to the challenge! With everyone separated and working remotely due to Covid, team building exercises like this are more important than ever, especially with another busy quarter up ahead.

Here's what some of our life changers had to say about the escape room experience:


"It was fab - a great way to get us all involved!"

"So much fun given the restrictions in place at the moment. Superbly run."

"Good fun, and I enjoyed that the teams were randomly mixed - it meant I got to speak to people I normally wouldn't have."

"A great laugh, really enjoyed it!"

"Good fun, different and brought out the competitor in me!"

"A great way to connect with each other despite the social limitations."

"It was so nice to have an activity like this, even though it was virtual - it made the whole thing feel a bit more exciting and like a classic HRS EOQ."


Huge thanks to Arctic Fox Events and Escape Team Events for helping us to make our EOQ celebration special.

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