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Why recruitment should be an investment for all growing businesses this year

The fact that 95% of the 600 employers polled in the Recruitment and Employment Federation's (REC) latest JobsOutlook survey were operating with either no spare capacity or only 'a little' capacity to take on extra work with their existing employee base indicates that there will be no shortage of organisations looking to recruit their way to growth in 2016.

Indeed, 81% of those businesses signalled an intention to hire more permanent staff in the coming three months - but why else should staff recruitment be such a key focus for your organisation this year?

It doesn't matter whether your firm specialises in biochemistry, molecular biology or pharmacology - or indeed, doesn't recruit for science jobs at all. The principles are much the same - the recruitment of the most suitable people has been shown to power forward business growth, with the latter having the opposite effect.  

The right employees build the right company reputation 

As the cliche goes, your business is its people, and they certainly play a key role in the reputation of your firm. The interactions and experiences that internal and stakeholders alike have with your staff in such sensitive areas as R&D and quality assurance exerts great influence on how your wider organisation is regarded.

According to another oft-repeated mantra, good reputations are built up over many years and destroyed in seconds, and if your employees stand for anything less than the very highest standards of service and professionalism, you can be sure that your organisation's ability to attract lucrative new contracts and business will be compromised.

Good recruitment now is a long-term investment

Whoever joins your organisation as a consequence of your latest science recruitment campaign, they will exert some kind of influence on your business's culture and how it does its work.

Recruit someone who shares your organisation's mission and values, and your internal culture will be strengthened, making it easier to attract other candidates with similar qualities in the future. This will naturally further your organisation's growth ambitions.

Remember that recruiting the best people now will save you all manner of costs in the long run - for example, those associated with launching a new hiring campaign after a key employee leaves. 78% of employers have difficulties with staff retention, according to the CIPD, and it's a fair bet that such a percentage would be lower if organisations took greater care over exactly who they recruited. 

Don't underestimate the cost of a bad hire

The financial expense of a poor recruitment decision is bad enough, the CIPD having estimated the average cost of recruiting the wrong person to be £8,200, rising to £12,000 for senior managers or directors.

However, a badly-chosen new hire also incurs many less tangible costs, such as lost productivity, damaged workplace morale and harm to your organisation's reputation.

With the hiring of the right person bringing such potentially great benefits for growing companies, and taking on the wrong person having such serious adverse consequences, it couldn't be more important for your organisation to invest not only in recruitment, but the right recruitment approach.


Allow Hyper Recruitment Solutions to be your organisation's science recruitment partner, providing such invaluable services as candidate screening, assessment day management and salary benchmarking, and you can invest in a hiring campaign in 2016 that really does maximise your chances of achieving the greatest possible business growth.