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Why Is Recruitment Important?


Anyone that's ever been on the job-seeking end of the recruitment process will know that finding a job is no easy feat. Worse still, finding a job role that suits your skills, personality and situation can be even harder.

However, what many people often overlook is that the same can be said on the other end of the scale when it comes to employers. Finding a candidate that suits the role, the team and the location can be just as difficult. There are a few different approaches you can take to recruitment, you can do the whole thing in-house, or you can outsource to a professional recruitment company. But why is recruitment so important? 

The recruitment process can be a vital endeavour that not only affects the quality of candidates that apply, but also the quality of the person you ultimately employ - which is why many employers have turned to recruitment agencies to help them get it right first time.



Why Hire a Recruitment Agency?

While on the surface, the question of "why is recruitment important?" seems fairly straightforward and obvious, there are many benefits of hiring a recruitment agency past simply filling a vacant position.

If you're a recruiter on the fence of whether or not to take the process externally, read on for a few of the biggest advantages of using recruitment agencies:


Turnaround, Bright Eyes!

Perhaps the number one reason that recruitment is important is this - turnaround.

For many recruiters nationwide, Rocky Balboa's legendary trainer, Mickey Goldmill, said it best: "speed's what we need; we need greasy, fast speed!"

While the actual level of grease may differ depending on the position you're advertising, recruiters' eagerness to fill a vacancy with haste is a common theme.

With a sole focus on finding relevant candidates for your role, recruitment agencies can provide just that.


You Pay for Quality

Another reason recruiters will habitually turn to recruitment agencies in their search for role fulfilment is the quality of the candidates.

Most recruitment agencies have access to hundreds of job seekers and, in some instances, thousands of potential candidates on their system. Many agencies - like HRS - will also focus their efforts on a specific job sector or industry, further honing the search criteria.

With a wider pool of talent at their disposal and often with a focussed area of interest, this can result in fitting, enthusiastic candidates with relevant expertise to match, as opposed to partially qualified job seekers that are simply just available at the time.

After all, love gurus the world over will tell you there's a massive difference between Mr/Mrs Right and Mr/Mrs Right Now. The same principle can be applied to recruitment. Using a good recruitment process will help you find people who will be happy in your company for years to come.


No Retention Headaches

A good recruitment agency will offer you a safety net if you acquire an employee through their efforts.

This is often done via a guarantee, providing the employer with a set period of time where they are covered should something go awry with the candidate.

Typically, this allows the employer to get a replacement candidate for no additional cost if the original employee quits or is fired.

Think of it as returning faulty goods: if you're not happy with what you bought or the item hasn't worked as it should, the guarantee allows you to change it for a suitable replacement.


No Time Wasters

The recruitment process can be an arduous slog for employers. From penning the job description and advertising the position to CV sifting and multiple interviews, it's a long way from A to Z requiring many man-hours and resources.

Recruitment agencies do the leg work for you, leaving you to focus on the important things, namely running your business and daily operation.

What's more, a good recruitment agency will pre-screen all candidates to weed out the weak links. Candidate screening helps to ensure that you're left with only the best of the best and those who are genuinely interested/qualified for the role.


Perception is Reality

Another reason that recruitment is important, is that it presents your company in a positive light, providing a professional appearance and conveying your brand as a big deal.

If your company is relatively small and doesn't have the resources to advertise effectively, reach the desired talent pool or present the information in a favourable manner, hiring a recruitment agency to do so can right those wrongs instantly.

A structured ad from a recruitment agency placed on a professional job board in front of suitable eyes will reflect far more positively on your company than a bundled, self-made listing in the local classified ads.


We hope this blog has shown you why recruitment is so important and how it can completely change the dynamic and productivity in your workplace. Hiring the right people for the job is the first step towards a happy, thriving company!

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