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What Is a Process Engineer?

process engineer

What does a process engineer do?

A process engineer works on developing product specifications, manufacturing strategies and monitoring design/construction processes to ensure they are safe, accurate and produce the desired results.

If you’re interested in a career in this industry, keep reading to find out more about the role of a process engineer and the qualifications/experiences that will stand you in good stead when you’re applying for roles.


Process engineer responsibilities

The duties of a process engineer are many and varied, however the key duties and responsibilities are as follows:
Collect and analyse process data.

  • Troubleshoot, problem solve and suggest improvements to reduce loss/wastage.

  • Undertake project scoping, PFD/P&ID development and produce basis of design documentation.

  • Apply process engineering and leadership skills to help maintain safe and reliable operations.

  • Carry out risk assessments and follow strict health and safety guidelines.

  • Keep up to date with and apply the relevant engineering codes and standards.

  • Monitor equipment to ensure it's working properly.


How to become a process engineer

To secure a role in process engineering, there are certain qualifications and skills that employers will expect to see on your CV.


Process engineer qualifications/experience

  • A-levels in STEM subjects like chemistry, IT, maths, etc.

  • A degree in a relevant subject such as chemical engineering, biochemical engineering or industrial engineering.

  • Relevant work experience – Degrees with work placements are great for gaining industry experience.

After graduating, you can apply for entry-level roles such as process product engineer or process automation engineer.


Process engineer skills

A successful process engineer will be confident in the following areas…

  • mathematics
  • computing
  • project management
  • data analysis
  • analytical thinking
  • attention to detail
  • verbal communication


What is a process engineer’s salary?

The average salary for a process engineer in the UK is between £40-45k per year. Entry level roles tend to start at around £26K per year, and senior process engineers can earn upwards of 70K per year.

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