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What Are the Best Science Careers for Introverts?

science careers for introverts

There are a lot of science jobs that are perfect for introverts who prefer to work independently. Introverts don't tend to like customer-facing jobs in retail or hospitality, but science jobs are great for introverts because they often require very little interaction with others.

The Hyper Recruitment Solutions team are dedicated to finding candidates their dream science jobs, so whether you're introverted or extroverted, we can help! Take a look at some of the best science careers for introverts and when you're ready to start your search, get in touch with us.

Data Analyst

If you're an introvert who's good with numbers, a job that's centred around data analysis could be perfect for you. People who work in data analyst roles spend most of their time sifting through data, finding errors and summarising results. Data analysts are vital because they turn hard-to-digest data into real-life results and findings. These findings can then be used to make decisions about a particular experiment - for example, whether a medicine is safe for human consumption or not. Data analysis is a great science job for introverts because it requires a lot of independent thinking. 

Key skills for data analysts:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Investigative skills
  • Interest in statistics
  • Interest in predicting trends and identifying patterns
  • Observation skills
  • Critical thinking


Science Writers

Scientific writers play a key role in the science industry because they help to prepare a number of technical documents including, instruction manuals, reports and journal articles - all of which convey complex scientific ideas in a way that the reader can easily digest. You'll spend a lot of time researching scientific ideas and keeping up to date with science industry news. A lot of science writing jobs can be done independently, and some can even be done remotely, meaning science writing is a great science career for introverts.

Key skills for science writers:

  • excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Logical thinker with an understanding of complex ideas and data
  • Self-motivated and organised
  • Able to work under pressure and stick to deadlines


Laboratory Technicians

Introverts tend to prefer listening rather than speaking or leading a team. For this reason, a great science job for introverts is a laboratory technician. Generally, a laboratory technician will work alongside a small team of scientists and will be required to do follow instructions and complete tasks that help ensure the success of the experiments and technical work in the lab.

This is also a great science career for introverts who are only just starting out and are keen to build their confidence in a particular field. Spending a few years as a laboratory technician in a pharmaceutical research company might help you build the confidence you need to go for a more technical, higher-paying job.

Key skills for laboratory technicians:

  • the ability to learn specific, practical techniques 
  • the ability to maintain and use scientific equipment
  • time management skills to work on several different projects at once
  • attention to detail

If you're interested in science careers for introverts, we hope that you've found some inspiration here. We have a few more tools that you can use to help you work out what type of scientist you are & what famous British scientist you are too! You can check out these fun and informational quizzes below. If you're ready to start your journey towards a science career, we can't wait to hear from you. Get in touch with our recruiters today.

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