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Science Jobs that Allow You to Travel

To the average person, a typical science job would involve standing around a lab in coats, looking into a microscope, playing with test tubes and staring at a screen all day long. While that may be true for some positions within the scientific community, not all are like this, with some allowing plenty of out-of-the-lab work.

It may come as a surprise to you but there are several science roles that require the worker to travel around from place to place. So, if you're someone who loves both science and travel and would like to find a position that combines your two passions, here is a list of the science jobs that you should be looking out for. 


Jobs involving science and travel 

There are many science-based positions that involve various travel requirements across several different areas within the science community. Here are some of the most popular.



If you hadn't heard of epidemiology before 2020, you most certainly would have at one point or another during this year. Epidemiologists are public health scientists who study the causes and patterns of human diseases and injuries. A position that has become very relevant and prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic. An epidemiologist can travel to various locations around the world, not just in the country that they are based in, to carry out studies and collect data that will help to understand new and potential infectious diseases. Once they have gathered and analysed their data, epidemiologists often take part in developing programmes that aim to educate the public about the diseases they have studied. This may result in even more travel.

  • Salary - £24k - £100k+
  • Hours - 9am-5pm / Mon-Fri
  • Qualifications - Postgraduate degree (Masters or PhD) in epidemiology or related subject



A zoologist is a person that studies different species or groups of animals in order to understand their behaviours, social interactions, environments and physical characteristics. Often, they perform their studies within a particular habitat, which requires then to travel to that location wherever it may be. They use the data that they have collected to analyse and predict various factors concerning a particular species as well as aiding any conservation efforts.

  • Salary - £18k - £45k+
  • Hours - 9am-5pm / Mon-Fri - Hours can vary depending on studies, including weekend work.
  • Qualifications - Degree within a relevant subject such as zoology or biology.


Environmental Scientists 

These scientists work to protect the environment and rectify any hazards that they may come across, which more often than not will require them to travel to various locations to carry out fieldwork and monitor certain conditions. This involves taking samples of air, soil and water back to the lab to test for any contamination that may be present. Further travel may be required once they have their results so they can share their findings with others. Read our blog to learn more about environmental scientists.

  • Salary - £18k - £40k+
  • Hours - 9am-5pm / Mon-Fri - Hours can vary depending on studies, including weekend work.
  • Qualifications - Degree within a relevant subject such as environmental science or environmental engineering.



Anthropologists work within the realm of social science as they concern themselves with the study of various cultures and human behaviour. They can often be found within dig sites conducting field studies and excavations learning about the origins and history of humans as well as other populations. Their studies are analysed and presented to others which may influence policies and programmes that impact different cultures. This may require them to travel to various places around the world. 

  • Salary - £20k - £80k+
  • Hours - 9am-5pm / Mon-Fri - Hours can vary depending on studies, including weekend work.
  • Qualifications - Degree within a relevant subject such as social sciences followed by a postgraduate degree in anthropology  


And there you have it, some of the best science jobs that allow you to travel. There are more roles that combine both science and travel, so if any of the above do not immediately stand out to you, don't worry, there are others! If, however, any of the above roles interest you, you can find vacancies within these sectors right here at HRS. Click below to browse our full list of science jobs that we are recruiting for.

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If you can't find the role you're looking for, don't worry, we can help! You can get in touch with a member of the Hyper Recruitment Solutions team today for further guidance in finding a science job that allows you to travel.