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HRS Awards 2020: A Virtual Celebration

HRS Awards 2020

Every year, we hold our very own award ceremony to recognise the hard work and achievements of the HRS team. This event is always a great opportunity for the whole company to get together - the 2019 HRS Awards, for example, were held at a rooftop bar in London - and while the coronavirus pandemic necessitated a slightly different approach this time around, we were still able to have a fantastic time.

In accordance with the current restrictions, the 2020 HRS Awards took place last night via Zoom. Our Managing Director Ricky Martin hosted the event from his office, and more than 30 of our life-changing recruiters dressed up and joined in the fun from their own homes. We all donned tuxedos and evening dresses for the occasion (a more glamorous video conference you've never seen) and everyone received a surprise hamper containing champagne, cocktails, popcorn, and lots of other goodies.

HRS Awards Zoom meeting


How did we give out the awards?

Obviously, it wasn't possible for Ricky to hand out the trophies in person this year, but we came up with a way to keep things exciting - here's how the virtual award ceremony worked:

  • Before the event, every nominee received a sealed envelope.

  • When a category was announced, all nominees for that category opened their envelopes simultaneously to find out whether or not they'd won.

  • Each winner's envelope contained a card that exploded with confetti when opened! This added to the festive atmosphere and meant that everybody watching via Zoom could instantly see who had won each award.

And the winners are...

Here is the list of last night's winners in full:

  • Newcomer of the Year: Rachel Benjamin

  • Consultants' Consultant of the Year: Haseena Mooncey

  • Supporter of the Year: Rachel Smart

  • Team of the Year: Contract

  • Sales Success of the Year: David Powell

  • Consultant of the Year: Chris Carey

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