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5 Career Options for Biology Students

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As a biology student, you'll naturally be looking for a job that is exciting, innovative and ground-breaking. Biology is an incredible field to work in and the job pathways you can follow are extremely rewarding - financially and emotionally. If you're a biology student and looking for a career, then you're in the perfect place. 

Here are 5 career options for biology students that will provide you with amazing job satisfaction and great benefits...

1. Marine Biologist 

When you become a marine biologist, you can make Finding Nemo a reality! All jokes aside, the role of a marine biologist is incredibly exciting and very interesting.

The amount of knowledge that exists beneath the waves is endless. A marine biologist's job is to discover and learn more about the species within the deep blue sea. 

There are great job advancement opportunities for marine biologists, and you'll have a real chance in making the world a better place by discovering new species whilst aiding the development of existing animals and plants, too.


2. Wildlife Conservationist

As a wildlife conservationist, you'll be working to protect endangered animal and plant populations. In a world where around 2,400 trees are cut down each minute, is more important than ever to conserve the wildlife that we have. 

Your job will be to monitor the status and health of vulnerable plant and animal communities whilst balancing the needs of animals with the needs of humans. A huge and rewarding part of your job will be to evaluate how animals and humans can co-exist in harmony.


3. Biostatistician 

If you're more left-brained, then the role of a biostatistician would be perfect for you! 

Biostatistics (also called biometrics) can be defined as the use of statistical methods to analyse large amounts of data. Biostatistics is often used in fields such as public health, medicine, forestry and agriculture. 

If you love maths and analysing large chunks of data to answer complicated questions, then you'll thrive as a biostatistician. 


4. Botanist

A botanist is a scientist who loves nature and is deeply interested in the study of plants and their characteristics. Whilst you may initially think that it's a job all to do with sunshine, rainbows and roses, it's actually has a lot more to do with the world's ecosystem.

Botany is a very important field for economic productivity because it is involved in the study of the UK's crop yield. And where would we be without our farmers and crops?

If you become a botanist, you can guarantee intellectual stimulation for the duration of your career, alongside amazing pay and maybe even a few travel benefits!


5. Nutritionist

We all love food, right? With a biology career as a nutritionist, you can combine your love for food and science into one innovative career pathway. 

As a nutritionist, you will help others meet their dietary and nutritional goals. Or, on the other hand, you can help others to reduce or restrict their nutritional intake for medical purposes, such as those with diabetes or coeliac disease.

If you love to work with different kinds of people, then this job role will give you the variety you crave. There are many opportunities for professional development, and you can promote a healthy diet and lifestyle to others along the way. 

We Find Careers for Biology Students

At HRS, we pride ourselves on helping budding life scientists find a career that suits their needs and goals. If you're looking at careers for biology students, then we can help you! 

We support the sectors that strive to make the world a better place, and our life-changing team can help you to be part of that.

We have a huge variety of career options for biology students listed on our website - click the link below or contact us to browse the latest vacancies from innovative sectors and businesses all over the UK.

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