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Biotechnology: What Skills Do You Need to Work in This Industry?

Biotechnology skills

Biotechnology is a highly specialised field, and yet within the industry there are a wide variety of career paths you can go down. Despite the diverse range of unique careers, there are a number of boxes that anyone who wants to work in the biotech industry will have to tick, regardless of their chosen career avenue.

For example, a relevant degree is likely to be a requirement for most employers - in an industry as specialised as biotechnology, there’s no way around the need to be qualified. There’s also work experience which, while not always essential, is generally desired.

Once you get past qualifications and work experience, what’s the next thing you think of? Relevant skills. But what are the most essential skills within the biotech industry?

Key Skills for the Biotechnology Industry

Complex problem solving

Working in the biotech industry, you will be in a inherently inquisitive environment. In fact, it could be said that the whole industry is based on examination and problem solving. Having the ability to solve complex problems is critical.



In certain biotech career avenues, there will be scenarios in which you will be required to work independently as well as part of a team. Particularly for situations requiring independent work, it’s essential for employees to be able to work out what’s expected of them, and to be able to plan the best course of action to achieve their goals.



Organisation is vital if individuals, teams, and businesses are to function at maximum efficiency. Being highly organised also leaves room for personal growth in other areas and other skills.


Attention to detail

Biotech is a field in which the importance of accuracy cannot be understated. Small errors can have big consequences, and every employee in every field must pay close attention to every aspect of their work.


An investigative mind

Having an investigative nature and bringing that approach to your work is a massive benefit to anyone looking to pursue a career in the biotechnology industry. Investigation, curiosity, and a hunger to discover and learn encapsulates the very nature of the biotechnology industry.


Analytical skills

With any science-based career, having analytical skills is a necessity. You will constantly be assessing, comparing, and analysing data. You will be responsible for finding solutions to various problems, and in some cases even predicting potential problems before they occur.

Six essential skills that will help you make your way in the biotechnology industry. Are you ready to find your future? Contact HRS to get in touch with one of our life-changing recruiters, who can help you start the biotech career of your dreams.

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