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What Are the UK’s Best Paid Science Jobs?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in science and you want to know which positions offer the highest salaries, here are 5 of the UK’s best paid science jobs:

  • Director of Regulatory Affairs - Average UK salary: £80,000
  • Microbiologist - Average UK salary: £73,131
  • Clinical Research Manager- Average UK salary: £60,000
  • Software engineer - Average UK salary: £50,515
  • Gene therapist - Average UK salary: £50,000

Keep reading to find out if any of these roles are suited to you. Your dream career could be in this list!

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Average UK salary: £80,000

A regulatory affairs career centres around all regulatory procedures relating to the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical products.
As a director of regulatory affairs, your responsibilities will include managing a team of regulatory affairs officers, developing global strategies for various medical devices and reviewing protocols to ensure regulatory compliance.



Average UK salary: £73,131

As a microbiologist you’ll spend a lot of your time studying and assessing microscopic organisms to better understand them and potentially diagnose and/or prevent various diseases. This might include testing patient samples to look for infections and inspecting food and drink manufacturing environments to maintain health and safety standards.


Clinical Research Manager

Average UK salary: £60,000

As a clinical research manager, it’s your job to carry out suitable audit procedures to ensure that clinical trials are properly monitored. You will have the responsibility of preparing protocols and case report forms, as well as approving ethics committees.


Software engineer

Average UK salary: £50,515

As a software engineer your day-to-day tasks might include developing software system requirements and designing and maintaining software for scientific instrumentation. You will also likely work across multiple departments including manufacturing, technical support and marketing sales, among others.


Gene therapist

Average UK salary: £50,000

As a gene therapist your work will contribute to the treating of genetic disorders. To ‘treat’ these disorders, gene therapists will develop technologies to actually alter the DNA of their patients.

Gene therapy is a broad term that houses lots of different roles. How much you earn will depend heavily on your experience, but a well-experienced, senior gene therapist can earn upwards of £100,000 a year!

Best paid science jobs in the UK

And there you have it: some of the UK’s best paid science jobs! If one or more of these roles sound like the perfect fit, search below to kickstart your career.

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