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5 Unique & Unusual Science Careers

scientists with unique and unusual science careers

The life science industry is an amazing place to look for a unique science career. Due to the vastness of the sector, there are endless opportunities for budding scientists. If you're thinking about straying from the standard life science job roles, such as a Clinical Assistant or Bioinformatician, then this list of unusual careers in science will come in handy! At Hyper Recruitment Solutions, we value the weird, whacky and wonderful job opportunities that life science has to offer.

1. Cosmetic Chemist


With a background and interest in cosmetic science, you could become a cosmetic scientist! As a cosmetic scientist, you will be expected to create make-up products, skin care products, shampoos, soaps and perfumes using scientific laboratory testing. One of the main aims of this role is to create products that smell and feel good to use, whilst making them safe for everyday use.

If you like thinking on your feet and being challenged, you'll be glad to know that cosmetic scientists are constantly encouraged to come up with new solutions and ideas for the products they are testing. 

This unique job role will allow you to express your creativity by testing lots of different products everyday. No day will ever be the same as the next. Who knows, you may even get first dibs of the latest products, too!


2. Rollercoaster Engineer

All of those hours on Rollercoaster Tycoon may finally pay off! Rollercoasters are incredibly fun but there is also a lot of work and expertise that goes into the engineering behind them. A rollercoaster engineer will find themselves combining advanced theories of mechanical, structural, civil and electrical engineering.

By applying the principles of engineering, physics and material science, this unusual science career will allow you to design, analyse and manufacture the perfect rollercoaster for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies!

This unusual science career would be perfect for a life science graduate who would like to split their time between office and on-site work. When you're not planning where to place the tracks or deciding the correct location for the rollercoaster, you'll also get to do the fun part of adding the thrill factor of loops, drops and turns to enhance the rider's experience!

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3. Ethical Hacker

As an ethical hacker, you'll knowingly try to hack a company's computer network in order to help identify and fix the flaws of security systems. This unique science career will allow you to use your hacking skills for the good of a company or business. 

In order to find and fix flaws within computer systems, an ethical hacker will place themselves in the shoes of a not-so-ethical hacker to identify the weaknesses of a company's technological systems. If you have an interest in data and information security or data science, then you'd be a perfect fit for this unusual science career.

Once these issues have been identified, an ethical hacker will then report the problem to their manager with a solution on how to fix the weakness. Whilst this may not sound quite as cool or dangerous as the hackers in films, this unusual science career will allow you to use your skills in advanced cybersecurity for the good of others.


4. Fermentation Scientist 

We all love food, right? If you want to take this one step further, you can become a fermentation scientist and study the microorganisms within food. By specialising in fermentation process of food, you'll be able to plan and develop programs that reduce contamination risks in certain products such as medicines.

Most fermentation scientists start this unique science career with an undergraduate degree in biology, followed by a master's degree in microbiology or biochemistry. With the relevant qualifications in fermentation science, you'll be able to find job roles in animal pharmaceutical companies and food production companies. 

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5. Urban Grower

There are plenty of eco-friendly life science careers available within the industry, and the role of an urban grower is one of them! If you're interested in ecological studies, biology or botany, then you'll enjoy this unique science career where you will be working to conserve nature and the environment in a modern society.

The role of an urban grower is incredibly rewarding - by growing your own food and giving back to the community through implementing society-wide changes, you'll be making a difference to everyday lives and reducing the Earth's carbon footprint.

For example, by studying, creating and evaluating processes that can provide local communities with organic food, your work will encourage healthy eating whilst reducing the burning of fossil fuels!

Find a Unique Science Career with HRS

At HRS, we pride ourselves on helping budding life scientists find a career that suits their needs and goals. If you're looking for an unusual science career, then we can help you! 

We support the sectors that strive to make the world a better place, and our life-changing team can help you to be part of that.

We have a huge variety of rewarding science jobs that make a difference listed on our website - click the link below or contact us to browse the latest vacancies from innovative sectors and businesses all over the UK.

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