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New Year, New Career: Could You Work in Science?

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2023 is in full swing, and you may find yourself looking for new and exciting work in science. The good news is that now is the best time to start. January offers new beginnings and new opportunities! The even better news is that you're in exactly the right place to start your science job search.

Why Work in Science?  

1. It's incredibly rewarding 

When you work in science, you are at the forefront of history. Science is a never-ending, always-developing sector that creates solutions for the world's most difficult problems. 

Your work will inevitably benefit others and the future of our society. And that's got to be a really good feeling, right? 

Some examples of rewarding roles in science include:

  • Cell & Gene Therapists 
  • Animal Health Vaccine Scientist
  • Environmental Scientist 

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2. You'll be paid well

If you work in science, then you are almost guaranteed a competitive salary. The science industry is a pool of talent, and if you have the correct qualifications and skills, you will benefit monetarily from your expertise. 

According to, the national average salary for an Entry Level Scientist is £38,718 in the United Kingdom. 


3. You'll always learn something new 

Science is a developing industry. Every new day of work starts with exciting developments and innovative approaches. If you enjoy learning and developing your knowledge, then working in science is definitely the route for you! 

The benefit of this is that you'll always pick up new skills throughout your career. If that's something that excites you, then you'll fit into the science industry well.


4. You can take your career as far as you want to 

Career development and progression when you work in science are inevitable. There's no limit to expanding your horizons due to the never-ending expanse of the science sector. 

Many organisations also frequent staff training to maintain high staff satisfaction. So, you can rest assured that progression and learning are integral to the collaborative nature of working in science. 


Skills for a New Career in Science

For a successful new career in science, it's essential that you have the following skills: 

  • The ability to work alone and collaboratively 
  • Strong communication skills
  • Patience and determination (the results you want can take some time!) 
  • Great organisation and time-management skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Work in Science with HRS

At HRS, we pride ourselves on helping budding life scientists find a career that suits their needs and goals. If you're looking for an opportunity to work in science, then we can help you! 

We support the sectors that strive to make the world a better place, and our life-changing team can help you to be part of that.

We have a huge variety of rewarding science jobs that make a difference listed on our website - click the link below or contact us to browse the latest vacancies from innovative sectors and businesses all over the UK.

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