One of the trickiest things to achieve for those working in science jobs isn't related to the responsibilities of the role itself - after all, if you are in such a post, chances are that you are well-qualified. That thing is achieving the right balance between one's life and work. Knowing how to balance work and life is difficult for most people, but the added pressure associated with science jobs can put strain on the employee.

Here are our favourite tips on how you can remain career-centred and productive in a professional capacity without completely burning yourself out or losing control.

Aim for the right balance for you

In science jobs, as in other jobs, hours can greatly vary and different people have different tolerance thresholds. Some of us can work well into the evenings on consecutive days with relatively little ill-effect - at least in the short term - while others among us may need to take more regular time out.

Above all, you should consider whether your current work-life balance feels good to you, or whether changes should be made in either direction.  

Don't get hooked on stress

That whoosh of adrenaline when you are racing an assignment deadline can be incredible, making you feel full of energy and ready to do anything.

However, you should never depend on it to fuel you through one day after another after another, as you will simply end up feeling stressed, irritable and burned out. Give yourself time to cool down. It's important to learn how to balance work and life in a healthy way.

Allow others to lighten the load

Look across the full range of science employment fields and functions - from pharmacology and immunology to R&D and quality assurance - and you will find people who are reluctant to give up responsibilities, despite knowing that they are overworked. 

Don't allow simple pride to keep you under constant pressure. Instead, ask your colleagues to take over some of your duties for a while so that you can take a break.

Distinguish clearly between home and the workplace

Do you take work home with you? If so, it should hardly be any surprise that you struggle to keep your work and home lives separate.

The next time you are asked to take on additional responsibilities outside your job description or tempted to take your laptop home, consider whether doing so will impinge on your life away from work.

Make the most of the weekend

Even if you can only spare one or two weekends a month for guilt-free relaxation, do it. Spend your whole Saturday watching TV in bed, visit a new city or just chill out with family or friends.

Any mode of relaxation like the aforementioned can give you that breathing space to feel raring to go again once the time comes to return to work.

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, by working with Hyper Recruitment Solutions as your science recruitment agency, you can remove so much stress and hassle from your search for new talent or your next exciting role. We hope these work life balance tips help you, but if you have any questions feel free to contact us today

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