While, in theory, the start of a New Year should see many people living up to their resolutions and dropping bad habits in favour of far more productive ones, in reality, most of us will probably spend 2016 doing pretty much the same things that we did in 2015.

There's no reason for you to be the same! Nab one of the best science jobs this year with our top 10 employability tips.

1. Revamp your CV

Does your CV quickly make clear why no science recruitment agency should ignore you? Is it well-structured, readable and free of mistakes? Do you adapt it to each new position that you apply for?

2. Undertake further training

That chemistry, immunology or molecular biology job that you have your eye on may be more attainable with an additional qualification, or there might be other useful skills that you can learn more informally.

3. Improve your interview technique

Many candidates have a sparkling CV, but can't articulate in-person what makes them such a great catch for an employer. Avoid the same problem by rehearsing answers to common interview questions and developing your lift pitch.

4. Determine what you are worth

Assess what value you actually have to an employer on the basis of your current skills, attributes and experience. Learn to confidently 'sell' yourself to firms with vacancies for science jobs.

5. Brush up on leadership skills

Great leadership isn't just about managing a team - it's also about being able to lead and manage yourself. Can you work well independently without the need to be micro-managed?

6. Build your online presence

Your profile on the web can both assist and damage your chances with the science recruitment agencies that tend to Google the names of candidates before offering them a job. Make sure your own net presence is a help rather than a hindrance.  

7. Change your attitude

It's especially easy for those who have been unemployed for a while to think they'll never find another good job. Unfortunately, this lack of confidence is noticed by employers and can therefore become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

8. Show flexibility

You may desire a certain salary and hours, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll get it. Keep your options open - even a less-than-ideal role may prove the perfect stepping stone to your dream job. 

9. Demand feedback from others

What do current employers and/or colleagues make of your current performance and attributes? What are your strengths right now, and in which areas can you improve?

10. Keep busy!

Don't be that jobseeker who simply watches TV all day instead of searching hard for science jobs and other opportunities to boost employability. Hunting out that dream role is a full-time job in itself!

Team up with The Apprentice winner Ricky Martin and Lord Alan Sugar at Hyper Recruitment Solutions today, to give yourself the best possible chance of landing that exciting new science role in 2016. 

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